Picks can be made in a couple of different places and in this article we'll tell you how to do it.

The first place picks can be made is on the home screen as soon as you've logged in. You'll initially see the 'Straight Up Expert Picks' table and you can make picks by tapping the red 'Make Picks' tab on the right hand side of the screen. The picks form will then slide out.

Select the 'Against the Spread Expert Picks' option from the dropdown view the Against the Spread table. When you open the pick selector you'll then see the games, spread and odds.

Another place picks can be made is in the 'Supercontest Picks' page:

Here you can switch between the tabs at the top of the selector tool to make your 'Straight Up' and 'Against the Spread' picks.

When you've made your picks, remember to hit the save button to lock in your picks. If there are odds available, you can even place a stake on your pick using any Pickwatch Coins that you may have in your wallet.

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