You can now add your favorite users and experts to a custom list and use the table filters to only view their picks. Here's how...

Firstly, you need to select the favorites icon from the table options:

Once you've selected it, you'll see the colour of the icon change and stars will appear next to users/experts. To add a user or expert to your favorites, simply click the star next to their name and this will add them to your favorite list - your list will automatically save when you click the star:

To view your favorites, change the filter above the table to the 'Favorites' option and you'll only see the users and experts that you have added to your list:

To remove a user from your favorites it's a very similar process, simply click the favorites icon from the table options again and click the star next to whichever favorite you want to remove from your list. This change will automatically save and when you view your favorites list the user or expert won't be there.

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