What is Pickwatch Pro?

Pickwatch Pro is our premium members service that gives you access to incredible data allowing you to see who the best experts and fans are for each team and allows you to follow their picks each week to maximize your profits.

What extra features are included with a Pickwatch Pro subscription?

Team by team records for experts and - very importantly - all of our fan handicappers

You can check both Straight Up and Against the Spread records and see who everyone is picking for the upcoming gameweek. You can also adjust the timeframe, so if you want to see who the best picker(s) are for each team over just their last 5 games, you can easily select that.

Game by game combined best picks

You can now see the combined records of every expert and fan side-by-side, to see who has picked BOTH teams in a given matchup most accurately over whatever timeframe you wish.

This is some of our most valuable data and something we have long been approached for by serious betting operations in the US and around the world. Our mission is to make you smarter, which is why instead of selling this data privately, we're making it available publicly.

Statistical pick trends

Did you know that one NFC East team's games have been won every week by the team that has the most passing yards heading into the game? Or that one AFC North Team's games have never been won by the team that gives up the fewest passing yards?

Our trend analysis section allows you to see what % of each team's games has been won by the team that holds an advantage in each metric.

This feature is a huge step forward and will likely expand quite rapidly to allow for greater customization. It is something that every fan needs to know, and we're going to be poorer for not knowing these trends each week.

Supercontest stake reveals

The final feature is the ability to see every other player's stakes for every game, in advance of the game being played.

This vital information not only allows you to follow the best players and their picks, but also follow their strategy that has moved them to the top of our profit and loss table.

How much does Pickwatch Pro cost?

The service will cost just $7.99 per month or $30 per year. An annual subscription gives you a saving of $9.98 over monthly payments.

How do I sign up?

Head over to the Pro option on the website toolbar:

Select Get Pro and you'll then be asked to select a price plan:

After choosing which price plan you wish to subscribe to, you'll be redirected to Stripe to checkout and enter your payment details.

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